Providing World-class Education for Students Around the Globe

A core value of a Thunderbird education is to provide students with the ability to work successfully with those from diverse cultures and to manage effectively in different social, economic and political environments. A Thunderbird education comes as much from interaction among diverse students as it does from case studies, lectures, internships and textbooks. These experiences set T-birds apart from their peers.

Thunderbird students have come from Eritrea, Honduras, Macedonia, Vietnam and many other locales. Diverse, entrepreneurial, creative, motivated and vibrant, T-birds have always formed a community that engages fully in, and contributes to, the learning process.

Historically, tuition has paid the vast majority of bills at Thunderbird. A sustainable scholarship endowment fund will relieve the financial burden for students and allow Thunderbird to compete for the world's best and brightest. The cost of a Thunderbird education currently makes it out of reach for many prospective students from around the world who could otherwise become effective global leaders. While we have been fortunate to attract top students throughout our history, we have not been able to seek out and offer assistance to many of the world's emerging leaders.

Funds raised for scholarships will allow Thunderbird to welcome students from additional regions – especially from those that may be falling behind in reaping the benefits of the global economy – into our community. It is, in fact, the diversity of our students that contributes to enriching the learning environment and advancing Thunderbird's mission.

List of Donor Funded Scholarships

  • Academic Excellence Scholarship - Established by Alumnus Peter Fischler '83 who has done very well over the years and had a deep desire to give back.  Mr. Fischler has looked back over his life to see how important and fragile life is as well as remembering those who have made a difference in his life.  He supports students who have achieved academic excellence by providing a yearly scholarship.
  • Adriana Tschinkel Mikulla ’98 Memorial Scholarship - Established in 2005 by family and friends as a living legacy to Thunderbird Alumna Adriana Tschinkel Mikulla '98, who did not live long enough to fully apply her Thunderbird experience for improving lives in the developing world.
  • Bill and Mary Kay Post Scholarship - The APS Foundation established this endowed scholarship through a gift of $250,000 from the APS Foundation in honor of Mr. Post’s contributions to APS. Mr. Post is a former member of the Thunderbird Board of Trustees.
  • Butch Jackson Thunderbird Pilots Scholarship Endowment - This endowed scholarship was established in 1997 to honor M.S. “Butch” Jackson and all the pilots and instructors who trained at Thunderbird Field during WWII.  Jackson was a pilot instructor at Thunderbird, who later was the main organizer (and chief storyteller) for the ‘Helmets and Goggles’ reunions of the pilots and pilot instructors.
  • Consular Corps of Arizona Scholarship - The Consular Corps of Arizona has been supporting student scholarships at Thunderbird since 1984.  The Arizona Consular Corps includes representatives from 26 counties who serve as official representatives of their respective countries, facilitating linkages with the state for international trade and business development and assisting countrymen who travel and work in Arizona.
  • Dr. Arthur J. Cullen Endowed Scholarship - Dr. Arthur J. Cullen was the Head of Portuguese at Thunderbird from 1947 – 1949 when the school was named American Institute of Foreign Trade (AIFT).  Dr. Cullen had a life-long interest in Latin America, Thunderbird, internationalism, and multi-culturalism.  In 1989, his two sons, the late John G. Cullen '68 and Michael C. Cullen '72, established the scholarship in memory of their father.
  • Dr. Clifton Cox Endowed Scholarship - Established in 1991 by Thunderbird Professor Emeritus Dr. Clifton Cox, former senior vice president of Academic Affairs and long-time supporter of the School, to provide financial support to needy students whose academic credentials rank them in the top 10% of all prospective entrants. 
  • Enterprise Scholars Fellowship- Established in 2005 by Scott Walker ’81 to promote the entrepreneurial spirit of Thunderbird students. To be eligible, students must be pursuing a full-time Thunderbird degree, meet Thunderbird’s general scholarship requirements, and show an interest or have past experience in entrepreneurship. This is a fellowship that includes involvement in the Walker Center for Global Entrepreneurship for five (5) hours per week for the period of the award (generally one to two trimesters). Recipients must maintain good academic standing for the period of the award.
  • Francis & Louise Gifford Scholarship - Francis & Louise Gifford dedicated their work and lives to Thunderbird students.  The couple housed, clothed, financed and encouraged many Thunderbird students who needed help.  Mr. Gifford, who worked for Thunderbird for more than 30 years, passed away in 1987.  After his death, his wife remained working in the financial aid office.  In 1989 a group of alumni, chaired by Bernard Anderson ’73, established the scholarship in their honor.  Mrs. Gifford passed away in 2002.
  • Frank L. Wadleigh Scholarship Endowment - Established to honor Frank L. Wadleigh, a member of the Class of 1949 who traveled extensively and lived in such places as Paris, Monte Carlo and Puerto Rico.  Mr. Wadleigh established a Charitable Gift Annuity at Thunderbird and contributed to Thunderbird's Pooled Income Fund. 
  • Garvin Promotion Group E-Commerce Scholarship - Continental Promotion Group, Inc., a staunch supporter of Thunderbird, provided funding in 1999 for this scholarship to support E-Commerce/E-Business.  This scholarship recognizes those who realize the significant impact E-Commerce/E-Business will exert on the future of global business. In 2010 this scholarship was renamed for Thunderbird Alumnus and Board of Trustees member, Sam Garvin’s new business, Garvin Promotion Group.
  • Garvin Promotion Group Global Brand Development Scholarship - Continental Promotion Group, Inc. has been a significant supporter of Thunderbird over the years. In June 1999, the company established a new scholarship to support Thunderbird students in pursuit of a career in brand management with a multinational company. In 2010 this scholarship was renamed for Thunderbird Alumnus and Board of Trustees member, Sam Garvin’s new business, Garvin Promotion Group.
  • Gary K. and Jeanne L. Herberger Endowed Scholarship - This scholarship was established in 1997 by Gary K. and Jeanne L. Herberger.  Mr. Herberger was a Thunderbird trustee for many years, following in the footsteps of his father who was also one of the original trustees of the School.  Mr. and Mrs. Herberger are community leaders and prominent philanthropists.  He is president of Herberger Enterprises and former Chairman of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Board of Trustees.  Mrs. Herberger, who earned her Ph.D. in communications at ASU, is a board member for the Arizona Foundation for Women and serves on the Phoenix Symphony Board. Mr Herberger remains a member of the Thunderbird Board of Fellows.
  • Gayle F. Roessl Memorial Scholarship - Named for former Thunderbird student Gayle Frances Roessl ’82, who passed away after a courageous fight with cancer, this scholarship was established in 1984 by her husband, Ian McCluskey ’82, a member of the Thunderbird Global Council, and fellow classmates.
  • H. Gene & Shirley Wick Scholarship Endowment - Established in 2001 to honor H. Gene and Shirley Wick. Mr. Wick was a member of the Class of 1960, and he and his wife have been leaders in alumni activities and Thunderbird philanthropy for many years.  In true Thunderbird tradition, his international career took the couple all over the world. Preference is given to applicants who are interested in Engineering and associated operations.
  • Harry S. and Grace M. Warnock Endowed Scholarship - Grace M. Warnock, beloved wife of 57 years to the late Harry "Sydney" Warnock passed away in February 2006. It was the Warnocks wish that their trust be used to continue their legacy by establishing this scholarship in their memory.
  • Hero Helper/Wounded Warrior Award - This award was established in 2010 by Paul Fitch (Thunderbird Alumnus, class of 1986) to support our wounded warriors who have sacrificed for our country. This award provides a stipend of $400 per trimester to a full-time Thunderbird student who is a discharged US Veteran whose DD-214 (or equivalent) shows a Purple Heart as an awarded decoration or who has seen extensive combat.
  • Hugh M. Blake Endowed International Assistantship - This scholarship is in honor of Hugh M. Blake, a generous friend of Thunderbird.  The scholarship was established in 1984 to support students with experience or interest in the insurance industry.
  • IBM Endowed Scholarship - This scholarship endowment was established at Thunderbird in 1978 by IBM and supports Continuing Student Grants. Students with a 3.6 GPA or better with campus and/or community leadership and service while attending Thunderbird are eligible to apply.
  • J. Kenneth Seward Endowed Scholarship - This endowed scholarship was established in 1989 by J. Kenneth Seward, class of ’57, a member of the Thunderbird Board of Trustees. Funds support Continuing Student Grants. Students with a 3.6 GPA or better with campus and/or community leadership and service while attending Thunderbird are eligible to apply.
  • J.M. Klein Veteran Scholarship -  The J. M. Klein Veteran Loan Fund was established in 1984 by Joseph M. Klein, a ’47 Thunderbird graduate to support students in need.  He was also the first alumnus to be Chairman of the Board of Trustees.  In August 2005, Mr. Klein redefined the fund as a scholarship fund, with the first award being made in Fall 2005.  The scholarship supports continuing students who are Veterans of the armed forces, or a dependent of such, who demonstrate financial need, scholastic achievement and extracurricular achievements demonstrative of leadership qualities.
  • James Parshall & Joseph Smith Memorial Scholarship - This scholarship was established by Professor Elayne Parshall and William Schmidt ’69, in 1970 to honor two of our Thunderbird family. Former French Language Professor at Thunderbird, Elayne Parshall’s son, Sgt. James Parshall passed away as a result of injuries sustained during a mine defusing accident. Mr. Schmidt’s roommate at Thunderbird, USMC Captain Joseph Smith ’69 served in Vietnam. Having seen, first hand, how much that country was in need, Smith was determined to go back, as a civilian, to do what he could. To that end, he decided to attend Thunderbird. He was hired by AID, a federal program, and did go back to Vietnam, after he married. While in Vietnam, his vehicle rolled over a mine in the road, and he was killed.
  • JANUS Scholarship - This scholarship was established in 2003 by members of the Fall ’02 entering class to encourage philanthropy among students and to help students in need.  Janus (Ja’nus)- Roman god that is identified with doors, gates, and all beginnings and that is represented artistically with two opposite faces, one looking into the past and the other looking into the future. 
  • JMC Scholarship - This scholarship was established by an anonymous Thunderbird Alumna to support disadvantaged women from developing countries under-represented in Thunderbird's student body.
  • Johnson & Higgins Endowed Scholarship - Johnson and Higgins is one of the oldest corporate supporters of Thunderbird.  This scholarship was established in 1971. Students who receive the scholarships are encouraged to take insurance classes at Thunderbird.
  • Judy Johnson Scholarship - For 18 years, Judy Johnson changed the lives of hundreds of Thunderbirds when she signed their acceptance letters to the School. Every incoming student received a kind, genuine, congratulatory message in the form of a note, e-mail or phone call. It is this warmth that struck many T-birds in their first encounter with the School. When Judy announced her retirement in 2008, hundreds of Thunderbirds sent notes of gratitude. Students, Alumni, Faculty and Staff worked to establish this endowed scholarship in Johnson's name which will enable her legacy at Thunderbird to go on forever.
  • Karen and Gary Brukardt Scholarship - This scholarship was established in 2007 by Gary and Karen Brukardt. Gary graduated from Thunderbird in 1972 and was a member of the Thunderbird Global Council before was elected to the Thunderbird Board of Trustees. He served the school as a Trustee for almost four years before he passed in August 2012. This scholarship supported students in the first classes of the Master of Arts in Global Affairs and Master of Science in Global Management degree programs. In 2010, with the MA and MS degree programs firmly established, the Brukardts redirected the use of this fund to support active duty and honorably discharged Military personnel.
  • Lynn Freidheim Scholarship - This scholarship was established in 1999 by Cyrus F. Freidheim, Jr., a former member of the Thunderbird Board of Trustees, in honor of his daughter, Lynn Freidheim Waunford-Brown ’92 to support other female students who demonstrate strong leadership potential and have some preference for international non-profit area.
  • Mabel & Berger Erickson Scholarship - Mabel and Berger Erikson came to Thunderbird at its inception in 1946 and dedicated more than five decades to the School as staff members.  Mr. Berger Erickson, an Executive Vice President, was known as “Mr. Thunderbird” and his wife Mabel held a number of positions while at Thunderbird, such as Registrar, Director of Placement, and Director of Alumni Relations.  Because they had no children of their own, the Thunderbird students became their children and in 1987, the Erickson’s established this student scholarship fund.  Their generosity has supported many students in their pursuit of academic excellence at Thunderbird.
  • McLane Assistantship for returning Veterans at Thunderbird - Don McLane, T-Bird Class of ‘74 and a member of the Thunderbird Global Council, joined the U.S. Army in 1961 with the hope of saving money for college while completing his military obligation. After a total of twelve years in the Army, with tours of duty in Europe and Vietnam, Don decided to leave the service and pursue a career in international business. With only the G. I. Bill to help pay for this added education, he appealed to Thunderbird for financial assistance. As luck would have it, Thunderbird granted him an assistantship in the school’s financial aid office, which helped to make his attendance at Thunderbird possible. After a thirty-one year career with Nordson Corporation, McLane retired in late 2006 as Corporate Senior Vice President. It is for this reason that Don and his family, with the support of Nordson Corporation, fund this scholarship in the hopes that many other veterans in years to come, returning from challenging and dangerous military assignments worldwide, will find Thunderbird to be a vital element in their career development, and this assistantship may, in some small way, help to make their success possible, as well.
  • Michael M. Milburn Entrepreneurship Scholarship - In 1987, the Michael M. Milburn Endowed Scholarship was established in memory of Mr. Milburn, a graduate of Thunderbird, by his classmates of 1977 and 1978.  Mike Milburn passed away after a courageous fight with cancer.  He will always be remembered by his classmates as the epitome of a true Texan, exemplifying integrity, true friendship, business and academic excellence.
  • Naji A. El-Khalil '00 Scholarship - This scholarship was established in 2004 by alumnus, Naji El-Khalil ’00, to provide support to students who have given back and made a positive contribution to their Thunderbird community through their involvement on campus and commitment to Thunderbird.
  • Phoenix Alumni Chapter Scholarship - Since 1987, the Phoenix Alumni Chapter of the Thunderbird Alumni Association has supported scholarships for continuing students at Thunderbird. Students must have attended at least one First Tuesday or local Chapter event, maintain a 3.5 or higher GPA and be in their second, third or fourth trimester at Thunderbird.
  • Robert Foglesong Memorial Scholarship - In 1978, the Robert D. Foglesong Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Mr. Foglesong, a 1954 graduate of Thunderbird and scholarship recipient.  Mr. Foglesong was successful in international business after graduation, as GM of Colgate Palmolive in Zurich, VP of Valley National Bank and Director of Emerging Markets for the U.S. Department of Commerce. His son-in-law, alumnus George van Wageningen '75 and his daughters Karyl Fogelsong van Wageningen and Heidi Fogelsong continue to support the scholarship.
  • Rosemary and Mark Whitcraft Scholarship - Established in 2012 by alumnus Mark Whitcraft ’57, Chairman of RMA Group, in memory of his late wife, Rosemary, to support Thunderbird in continuing to prepare Americans to work more effectively in international business environments.
  • SHARE Fellowship - The idea for this fellowship is to support exceptional students from emerging markets who would not otherwise have the opportunity to come to Thunderbird. The initial fund was created by Thunderbird alumni and friends who have also agreed to mentor the students during and after their time at Thunderbird.  The scholarships involve Thunderbird alumni and friends, who have serious career accomplishments themselves, in supporting and mentoring students with outstanding potential. As far as we know this program is unique to Thunderbird. In 2010, the donors to the Mary Kolehmainen Lambert Scholarship fund agreed to the transfer of remaining funds to the SHARE Fellowship. In 2012, Dick and Betsy DeVos re-designated their scholarship to support the SHARE Fellowship. Some SHARE Fellows will receive their tuition award from the Dick and Betsy DeVos Scholarship fund and will be known as SHARE Fellows and DeVos Scholars.
  • Sherman Hazeltine Endowed Scholarship - This scholarship was established in 1993 by the First Interstate Bank of Arizona (now Wells Fargo) in honor of the late Mr. Sherman Hazeltine, a long-time member of the Thunderbird Board of Trustees and former CEO of First Interstate Bank of Arizona.
  • Steve and Marie Goode Values Scholarship - The scholarship was established in the names of Steve and Marie Goode (of Bangkok, Thailand), an American couple who have devoted their lives to administering help, healing and hope to citizens of so-called ‘third world’ countries and will be awarded to an American citizen of sound moral character who has consistently displayed the best attributes (integrity, industriousness, innovation, enthusiasm, charity, etc.) of the American values system, who has a faith-based world view, and who wishes to foster these ideals in a less-developed country by living and working, either in an established company or by entrepreneurially creating his own business, in that country.
  • Texas Alumni Scholarship - By creating a unique endowed scholarship that Texas alumni can identify with, it is the aim of the Thunderbird Alumni Chapters in Texas to build philanthropic participation in the Thunderbird Annual Fund, boost participation in chapter activities, become more connected with the School, and support Thunderbird’s mission of educating students who uphold the vision of fostering peace and prosperity through international trade.
  • TGN - Asia Pacific Region Endowed Scholarship - Funded by the Thunderbird Alumni Association Asia Pacific Council and by continued donations from Thunderbird alumni and friends, this endowed scholarship was established in 1999 to support enrolled students from the Asia Pacific Region.
  • TGN - Europe/Middle East/Africa Region Endowed Scholarship - Funded by the Thunderbird Alumni Network Europe, Middle East and Africa Council and by continued donations from Thunderbird alumni and friends, this endowed scholarship was established in 1999 to support enrolled students from Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  
  • TGN - Latin America Region Endowed Scholarship - Funded by the Thunderbird Global Network Latin American Council and by continued donations from Thunderbird alumni and friends, this endowed scholarship was established in 1999 to support enrolled students from Latin America.
  • TGN - North America Region Endowed Scholarship - Funded by the Thunderbird Alumni Association North America Council and by continued donations from Thunderbird alumni and friends, this endowed scholarship was established in 1999 to support enrolled students from North America.
  • The B.F. Brown Award for Thunderbird Global Experience - As the premier graduate school of global management, Thunderbird incorporates a global experience across all of its degree programs.  The Thunderbird Global Experience (TGE) is a requirement - not just an option - for all students. The B.F. Brown award for Thunderbird Global Experience was established by Thunderbird Trustee Clara Lovett and her late husband, Dr. Benjamin F. Brown IV to provide invaluable support for this critical aspect of a student's experience. 
  • The Charles and Rose Mannel Scholarship - Established in 2006 by Mr. Charles Mannel Jr. '82 and his sister Laura Kay Mannel-Harsh '83, in memory of their father, Charles and mother, Rose. Mr. Charles Mannel Sr. was a member of the development office from 1976 through 1990. During his tenure, he and Rose traveled the world to promote Thunderbird, raise funds and attend first Tuesday gatherings. Mr. Mannel retired in 1990 as Vice President of External Affairs.
  • The John Latham Thunderbird Collection Scholarship for Canadian Citizens - This scholarship was established through the generosity of many Canadian individuals who donated art prints to the School in 1997 and 1998.  Thunderbird kept many of the prints for the School’s collection, while a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the remaining prints has allowed the School to establish The John Latham Thunderbird Collection Scholarship endowment, which supports Canadian citizens who have completed a degree program at a Canadian higher education institution or who intend to work in Canada.  John Latham ’71, a Canadian businessman and member of the Thunderbird Alumni Association North America Council, has been a significant donor to this scholarship.
  • The Luisa Fernanda Solarte ’98 Scholarship Endowment - Luisa Solarte ’98 was a senior Coca-Cola Manager in Colombia and a graduate of Thunderbird.  She was an exceptional person valued both for her business professionalism and her commitment to her homeland of Colombia.  Tragically, she was killed in a terrorist attack that took place on February 7, 2003 in the city of Bogotá.  She believed passionately in what entrepreneurism and customer service could achieve in an embattled economy and society like Colombia.  She brought to her work all the skills and knowledge she had learned at Thunderbird.  This scholarship endowment is dedicated to Luisa’s memory by The Coca-Cola Foundation.
  • The President Roy A. Herberger, Jr. Fellows Endowment  - In July 1989, Dr. Roy A. Herberger, Jr. became the eighth president of Thunderbird.  During his administration, Thunderbird achieved its first international rankings for the Masters in International Management and the Executive Masters in International Management programs, developed a leading Executive Education program, achieved AACSB accreditation, added specialized degrees, and opened facilities in Japan, France, Russia and China.  In Spring 2000, the Thunderbird Board of Trustees created and fully funded The President Roy A. Herberger, Jr. Fellows Endowment in honor of Dr. Herberger and his achievements at Thunderbird.
  • The Roy and Pam Herberger Jr. Scholarship - Established in 2005 in honor of Pam and Dr. Roy Herberger for their achievements, dedication and service to Thunderbird.  Dr. Herberger served as the eighth president of Thunderbird from 1989 until 2004.  Dr. and Mrs. Herberger were feted at a tribute dinner in February 2005, at which time John E. and Jean Berndt, L. Richard and Elizabeth Flury and the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation recognized the Herbergers through gifts that made this scholarship possible. Messrs. Berndt, Flury and DeVos are former members of the Thunderbird Board of Trustees.
  • Thunderbird Chapter MBA Women InternationaI Scholarship - This scholarship was established by the Thunderbird Chapter of the National Association of Women MBA's to encourage students with leadership experience to continue with their leadership on the Thunderbird campus community.  The scholarship is offered to help with educational expenses, to include tuition and other related expenses. In 2012, NAWMBA changed their name to MBAWI.
  • Thunderbird Community Scholarship  - In 2001, this scholarship was created by combining the Beverly Frazer, Alfred and Hattie Knight, Col. Frank James (FJ) Morrow, Robert E. Sexton, Frank R. Jackle, Martha Snyder, and Paul & Pauline Wilson memorial scholarships that did not reach the endowment level.  Instead, they were pooled together to increase the value of each scholarship award and become an endowment. Continuing students with a 3.6 GPA or better with campus and/or community leadership and service while attending Thunderbird are eligible to apply.
  • Thunderbird Global Council Scholarship - The Thunderbird Global Council (TGC) Scholarship was established in 2006 by TGC members who are ardent supporters of Thunderbird and its students. The purpose of this fund is to provide financial support to students who meet Thunderbird requirements for scholarship support. Each year, the TGC Scholarship fund matches up to $5,000 raised by ThunderCares for the ThunderCares Unpaid Internship Scholarship.
  • Thunderbird Korea Scholarship Endowment - This endowed scholarship was established in 2000 by Thunderbird Alumnus and Board of Fellows member, Dr. Se-Ung Lee ’70 of Korea to support students pursuing an international management degree with a concentration in Asian countries. In 2005, the Korea America Friendship Society established a second scholarship, with a donation from Dr. Lee, to support students pursuing degree programs with a concentration in a field related to Korea. In 2010 these scholarships were combined to increase the principal and thereby the available award amount for each academic year.
  • Thundercares Unpaid Internship Scholarship - Thunderbird students are passionate about generating prosperity worldwide through internships with development, non-profit and/or government organizations.  The challenge, however, is that these positions tend to be unpaid, sometimes making the internship opportunity prohibitively expensive.  In partnership, the Spring 2008 leadership of Thunderbird Net Impact, the International Development Association Student Club, and members of the Thunderbird Global Council have responded to this reality by establishing a scholarship fund to ensure that students are able to gain experience in and share their talents with organizations that are taking on global social, environmental and development issues. The Thunderbird Global Council Scholarship fund supports this scholarship by matching donations received each fiscal year.
  • William Hunt/Fernando Ayuso Scholarship - The William Hunt/Fernando Ayuso Scholarship was established at Thunderbird to honor two men from two different countries who spent their careers helping to foster international understanding through tourism.  Both men believed that through understanding people from different cultures it would be harder to think of these people as enemies. In 1977 William Howard Hunt '50 became Chairman of the International Congress of ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents) in Madrid, Spain. His counterpart in Spain was Fernando R. Ayuso, Director of the Spanish Tourist Office in New York. The two worked together for a year planning a convention of over 5,000 international travel agents. Unfortunately, Fernando died just a week before the opening of the Congress. In his honor, Mr. Hunt and the ASTA Board of Directors created the Fernando Ayuso Scholarship which provided reciprocal studies for Spanish and American scholars in international travel. As member of the Pacific Northwest ASTA chapter, William Hunt served in all of the Board positions, and as senior consultant on committees until his death in 2011. His peers are honoring him by allocating funds to the William Hunt/Fernando Ayuso Scholarship at Thunderbird, the focus of which is the enhancement of international understanding. The Ayuso and the Pacific Northwest Scholarships, along with Hunt family funds’ were combined to create the Thunderbird William Hunt /Fernando Ayuso Scholarship at Thunderbird.
  • William and Mavis Voris/Friends of Thunderbird Endowed Scholarship  - The Mavis Voris/Friends of Thunderbird Scholarship is named for Mavis Voris, wife of former Thunderbird President William Voris, an outstanding Friends of Thunderbird volunteer. It was also named for the Friends of Thunderbird, a group founded in 1976 by Thunderbird alumni. For many years, Friends of Thunderbird donated proceeds from the Thunderbird Balloon Classic to the scholarship fund. In 2010, The William Voris Scholarship fund was added to the Mavis Voris/Friends of Thunderbird Scholarship which was then renamed. In 2012, the Helios Education Foundation made a significant donation to the scholarship, in the amount of $75,000.
  • Winthrop Wyman Scholarship - This scholarship was established in 1989 by Thunderbird Alumnus Winthrop Wyman '56, to support continuing full-time students who are in good academic standing, demonstrate financial need, and participate in the School’s extra-curricular activities.



Donate: For more information on donating to any of the listed scholarships or to establish a named scholarship, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at (602) 978-7309 or or visit our secure gift form at

Funds will be deposited with the ASU Foundation, a separate non-profit organization that exists to advance ASU as a New American University. We thank you for your generous support.

Apply: Continuing students interested in applying for these donor funded scholarships, please contact the Office of Financial Aid. Potential and entering students, please contact the Office of Admissions.