Student Services

Developing the Global Mindset of Individuals and Organizations

Curricular Innovation & Student Services - $5 Million

A Thunderbird education is a gateway to a world of opportunities. Thunderbird has always been innovative, especially in finding the best methods to make positive economic and social change in our community, near and far. From its beginnings and through the years, limited resources have required Thunderbird to rely on its creativity to make the best with less. An enhanced endowment would free Thunderbird from historical financial constraints to further develop our programs and support students and corporate partners to help achieve their greatest potential.

By developing unique educational experiences that teach real-world skills for today's ever-changing marketplace, Thunderbird cultivates graduates who are distinguished by a global mindset. This mindset allows them to work successfully with individuals from diverse cultures and to manage effectively in different social, economic and political environments.

Thunderbird Centers of Excellence play a critical role in developing the innovative curricula that is a cornerstone of the educational experience. The Garvin Center for Cultures and Languages of International Management, the Lincoln Center for Ethics in International Management, the Walker Center for Global Entrepreneurship, the Global Financial Services Office and the Thunderbird Global Private Equity Center all provide the thought leadership essential for Thunderbird programs.

The Centers add value to the Thunderbird community by being the driving force behind key events like the Thunderbird Sustainable Innovation Summit, which began as a student initiative in 2003. The Summit promotes sustainable and creative thinking in the global business arena and includes a global innovation competition for teams of master's level students from around the world to tackle real-world business challenges. Activities and experiences like these inspire students to participate and grow through hands-on, practical learning opportunities.

For Thunderbird to achieve its mission, funding is needed for program innovation and improvements in the services available to deliver a world-class education. A combination of endowed and expendable funds totaling $5 million will provide an ongoing source of funding for program and service development and improve Thunderbird capabilities to educate leaders in global management.

To recognize donors, the program or service will be named for the donor. Donors of $1,000 or more are also recognized through membership in the Thunderbird Global Leadership Society. Members of the society are highlighted in the school's Annual Report to donors and are invited to special events hosted by the school.